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About Us

Pet Grooming

My love of pets gave me a passion and desire to promote attention towards a healthy skin, coat and state of mind through the best practices for your pet’s health. Jeri-Lynn Huberdeau

Opened in Rivers, MB, Jeri-Lynn holds certifications with merit as a Canine Pet Stylist, Canine Assistant Groomer, Feline Master Groomer and Pet 1st Aid.  She holds memberships in good standing with National Cat Groomers Association of America and Professional Pet Groomers Association of MB.



I am so excited for this new adventure in life!  I have always enjoyed being around my pets at home, they provide me a joy and inner contentment.  Wanting to feel that in my working life as well, I decided to head to Apex Academy in Regina, SK and train in both the Canine and Feline Grooming Programs.  It was a fulfilling and challenging experience and the exact right thing for me to do!



Why in Rivers?  I have lived here for 3& yrs now and enjoy the community, the people and all it has to offer!  I was born and raised in small town MB, have previously owned a business in a small, rural town and understand the value of investing in your community and the relationships built.




I promise a level of care and detail in each of my services, to know when to say when and to effectively and objectively do what I can during the course of the groom to provide comfort and relief to the pet if the desired groom cannot be achieved without causing injury or extreme stress.