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Cat Grooming

Pet Grooming

Some of the general reasons are shedding, allergies, dirt being tracked in and bathroom residue.  Did you know that allergies are caused by a protein in cat’s saliva?  That once dried it causes the reactions we hate so much from our kitty!  That’s why licking isn’t the same as grooming.

Some other reasons can include matting.  Cats have thin skin and shaving can be a dangerous, stressful process for your cat to go through.  Care should be taken to prevent the need to shave and I can assist with a plan of action that together we can accomplish our goal of a happy, healthy, purring kitty!

Age, health and condition of your cat’s skin and coat are the remaining reasons.  If a cat’s skin is very thin or a cat itself is frail and thin the safest grooming practices will be performed.

It takes approximately 3 months for a short haired cat’s coat to grow back in once shaved and 4-6 months for a long haired cat’s coat to regrow so shaving should be considered carefully.  As well they must be kept indoors as they have no protection against the elements, bugs, scratching of sticks, bushes etc…

A combination of a de-shedding during the groom and short comb cuts accomplish a wonderfully tangle free, bunny soft coat easy to maintain.

A factor to consider would be temperament.  There may be the odd time your cat doesn’t come out looking quite as expected.  Due to their aggression and tolerance levels and managing the impact of stress, I will perform the safest groom to suit your cat.  No matter our desire, the cat tells us what can be accomplished safely and in a timely manner.


All cats booked in for a grooming service receive a bath.  They have greasy, dirty coats and to achieve a gorgeous groom it is best to start with a clean, shiny, flowing coat.  I use a pleasant citrus de-greasing shampoo, followed by a skin and coat conditioning shampoo that leaves your kitty feeling squeaky clean with unbelievably soft coats.

(If any fleas, lice, ringworm are found during grooming, the groom will immediately be stopped, the pet placed in isolation and the owner called to pick up the pet for vet care and an additional cleaning fee will be applied to the groom price.)


Tidy Up

Keep your cat’s natural coat beautiful!  Includes at least 2 luxurious shampoos, hand drying, eye and ear cleaning, nail trim, complete brush out and comb outs for a glossy, matt free, soft coat.  Finished up with a spritz and bow collar.

Prices are based on coat types. This is the best alternative for an aggressive cat.




Keep your cats fur under control!  I can perform a comb cut to your desired length.  Your kitty will enjoy it much more than hairballs and matting!  It greatly reduces shedding, allergies, eliminates hairballs and the dirt tracked in.  Leaves a Bunny soft coat to pet and cuddle!




This is a good cut if your cat is heavily matted, pelted or a member of your family has severe allergies.  The results are a happy kitty with no pain from the tugging of the matt’s and clearer allergy sufferers.  They may itch for a bit afterwards but that should pass after a day or two.

Remember your cat must stay indoors as they have no protection for their skin!  Aggressive cats will not tolerate clippers so will not qualify for this groom.  I can remove any matting necessary with the clippers while using brushing and combing techniques to the rest of the coat to assist in the prevention of further matting.




These are advisable for the simple reason that they keep the cats cleaner and cooler!  Long hair breeds, obese and elderly cats can have a hard time keeping bathroom messes, dirt and debris free from these areas.  I can perform a bum sanitary, full sanitary for cleanliness; and a belly shave which keeps your kitty cooler during the summer months.  The shaved belly will not be noticeable from the side.

$10 – $20


I can use a variety of tools and products to successfully remove the excessive hair your cat has.  Aids in the control of shedding and hairballs.

$15 above price of groom



With any severe matting or pelting an additional charge will apply due to the extra care required to perform the shave down.  If the pelting is severe enough to cause health concerns for safe removal, veterinary care will be advised to complete the removal of the pelting.

$25 min above price of groom



Nail caps are an excellent option for indoor cats that tend to like your furniture more than they should!  Also an excellent option for cats with young or elderly family members where scratching is a concern.  It is the humane alternative to declawing and good for up to 6 weeks after application.

With groom,

$27 for full set


$15 front claws   $12 back claws


$20 for their first groom after 8 weeks of age with proof of vaccinations.  Sign for 5 follow up grooms through the year at $20 each for huge savings!


In Home Service is available for an additional $10 fee and Km charge.




Facial                                                     $5

Face Trim                                             $10

Foot Trim                                             $10

Nail Trim                                              $10

Paw Condition                                    $4

Foot, Facial, Paw package                 $10

Belly Shave                                          $15

Persian Face Trim                              $10

Ear trim                                               $5

Tail Trim                                              $8

Nail Caps full set                                $30 (walk in pricing)

Nail Caps – Front $18 – Back $15 (walk in pricing)


Additional Fees

De Skunk                                             $20+

Bite Fee                                                $20

Tick Fee (vet care may be the suggested option in severe cases)

$15 for the first 30 minutes, $1 for each additional minute

Flea/fungal disinfectant fee         $5



Upon your visits I will pass you a referral card!  When I receive a card with your name on it you will receive 10% off your next groom.

Have you received a referral card from someone?  Bring it in for $5 off your pet’s first groom and receive a referral card to pass along!

Savings for all to enjoy!!